Wednesday, 25 January 2012

To know living of good quality

After the first breath, every breath is getting more and more difficult. Every last day, every last year some more responsibilty of the life and some more burden of the life... You always struggle to have something and to arcive somewhere. You think, you will solve everything if you arrive the point you aim. When you catch it you think you find everything, you think you have everything. But one day you realize that nothing had changed. Everything is starting again a new target a new struggle...

Many years ago a teacher of mine asked me what the success was. Maybe, there a lot of answers to give but what was the main success? Something you aim to have or somewhere you aim to arrive there the life taught me that; the success doesn't arrive somewhere, the success always struggle in the world.

İn this struggle, there is something important you must always read because to know connected to read. "Because to know, living of good quality..."

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